About the Our Savior Lutheran Church Foundation

We can do more together – forever.


The purpose of the Foundation is to provide ministerial or charitable funds in addition to the limited fund the church budget provides.  As money is accumulated in the fund, it grows over the years in the future and would exist in perpetuity.  A portion of the money earned by the fund, would be given annually to local, national or worthwhile foreign causes.

Recipients have included:

Mountain Hope Good Shepherd Clinic
Smoky Mountain Area Rescue Ministries
Sevier County Food Ministries
Senior Citizen Home Assistance Services
Mental Health Assn. of East Tennessee
Boys and Girls Club of the Smokies at Gatlinburg
Safe Harbor Advocate for Children
Safe Space
Friends in Need

The 2018 Recipient was SMARM


The Foundation provides an opportunity for you to contribute money that is invested in perpetuity to provide charitable funds for worthwhile organizations far in to the future.

The sources of funding may come in may different ways to the Our Savior Lutheran Church Foundation.
*Cash Gifts
*Gifts by Will
*Life Insurance
All contributions are placed in the Foundation General Fund.

Foundation Gifts are perpetual. The capital is held in trust.  Supervision and control of funds is exercised by seven members of the OSLC Congregation. Together we can do more forever.

God’s Work through Kathy Cole of Our Savior Lutheran Church

Have you wondered where God is on the loose in the Smokies?  Open my eyes Lord! Just take a look and you will see the handiwork of God all around you.

16403041_10155028572423408_7196148174925548100_oGod is always at work in the Smokies.  One of our congregants was recently recognized by the Boy’s and Girl’s Club of the Smoky Mountains as volunteer of the year 2016 at the Kodak location!  Ms. Kathy is someone we all know very well.  This beautiful gal gives it all.   Meet Kathy Cole, OSLC Choir Director, Worship and Music committee member, Boys and Girl’s Club Volunteer, wife, family member, friend, church member, sister in Christ.

There are some people, who exemplify Christ’s call to us to love one another and Kathy is one of them.  Kathy’s love is shown through hard work, commitment and attention to the needs of others.

We are so thrilled Kathy has been recognized for her faith walk.  God is indeed at work in the life of Kathy Cole and we are most grateful to be a part of that love being shared.  May God Bless each and every child, every worker and volunteer who has been touched by God’s work through Kathy Cole at the Kodak Boy’s and Girl’s Club in Sevier County.  We give thanks for her energy and her willingness to give it all away for the benefit of others.

2016 Our Savior Lutheran Church Foundation Gift Awarded

As 2016 came to a close, it was apparent that need was great among our community.  As our foundation directors gathered to voted on the recipient for the 2016 gifts, one recipient rose to the top of the choices quickly.  Our Savior Lutheran Church has reached out to Pi Beta Phi on many occasions, wondering how we might be God’s hands, reaching out to children and families in our community.

Through pasts children’s programs such as FIN, and efforts through our WELCA groups we  have continued to fill needs of families in Gatlinburg.  As the information on kids in the schools, post 2016 wildfires became known to us, it was a unanimous vote to award the gift to the Pi Beta Phi PTA who was filling and continues to fill needs of families, children directly affected by the Gatlinburg Fires.

The check was awarded to Laura Bogart, Pi Beta Phi PTA President.  Thanks to Matt Kulp, OSLC Foundation President for making the check presentation.