*Bed linens, or bed roll
*Personal Toiletry Items



*Foods for meal preparation. ( A refrigerator, stove, oven and coffee maker are available for use)
*Snack items
*Water bottles ( tap water provided)  and other drinks
*Alcohol is not permitted on the premises.
*Smoking is only permitted outside of the building in the parking lot. Please no littering of butts



*Your fees for lodging should have been paid through LDR. If this has not been done please bring the check to OSLC upon arrival.

*Meals in town can range from moderately priced to expensive. Gatlinburg is a tourist town and can offer many options. Most restaurants are online and show their menu.  We are working to grow a list of business owners in Gatlinburg who welcome you with a special discount or opportunity.  This list will continue to grow as we are able to talk with our community and business leaders.

*Attractions and any other group plans would be covered through your budget.

*OSLC hopes to provide one fellowship meal for each group that arrives.



*Weather is moderate climate.

*Dress for the work provided

*Dress for restaurants and area attractions is casual

*Dress for fellowship meals and worship is casual

January – March : Temps can range from teens to 60’s

April – June: Temps can range from 30’s to 80’s

July – October – Temps can range from 70’s to 90’s

November – December – Temps can range from 40’s – 60’s


Reading Materials-should be inventoried privately by each inventory upon arrival and departure.

Online Devices-should be monitored regularly by each person. Bring charging items. Outlets provided.

Tools-a tool inventory should be implemented before arrival and upon departure.