Our Savior Lutheran Church welcomes your team to Gatlinburg, Tennessee. Your work will further the effort to get Gatlinburg families back in homes, back to work and fully active in the community again. The Great Smoky Mountain National Park has acres of trail that will need work along with countless other community projects that will be ready for your team to help with.

Meal planning at our church will be somewhat up to you.

We have a full kitchen we can make available to you. We ask that you treat these areas as you would in your own church and home.

Our kitchen amenities include:
*Full Kitchen
*Coffee Maker
*A variety of pots, pans and dishes that are available for use for meal preparation.

Each group can be different according to dietary needs and more. Your team will be greeted by one of our hosts. Our hosts work with our meal planning teams and will work to schedule one fellowship meal we can have together. We are very interested to thank you for coming, to hear about where you come from, to hear about the work you are doing in Gatlinburg and to pray with you and all who are connected through God’s Work in Our Hands. There are more restaurants per capita in Gatlinburg than most areas. If it should be your desire to have a meal out with your group, there will be plenty to choose from. Visit our Learn about Gatlinburg area and also our Special Opportunities for groups that are coming.

Our Savior Lutheran Church will have a pantry available for your group to supplement as needed, provide for forgotten items, help with unexpected expenses, etc. These items include:
*Cereal boxes
*Granola bars
*Cream and sugar
*Canned soup items
*Non-perishable canned vegetables
*Dish soap and general cleaning items
*Laundry soap and dryer sheets.
*Personal toiletry items
*First aid items

Visit http://www.gatlinburg.com for a list of restaurants in the area.

There is a Food City located on Hwy 321, stoplight #3 in Gatlinburg where groceries may be purchased. We have a Food City Value Card that will enable you to purchase food at a discount and tax free. There is trolley service from our church to Food City. There will be refrigerator and pantry storage for your food items and pots and pans are provided.


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