Our Savior Lutheran Church thanks your team for your volunteer service.  Our church motto is:
“Called as God’s People, Equipped by the Holy Spirit, and Sent to boldly proclaim the love of Jesus Christ to all People.  

Greeting Your Volunteer group in friendship and fellowship is important to us!

Meal planning is an important part of your trip!  We look forward to working to share one fellowship meal with your group when you are here with us.  Meal planning will be also be left up to your group. Each group has varied dietary needs.  OSLC will have a pantry stocked for items that compliment your trip.  Our hope is to help with unexpected needs, forgotten items, supplementary items, and things you just may need throughout your stay.

The pantry will provide non-perishable foods that can compliment foods you will need to purchase upon arrival.

These items will be provided for your team, along with refrigerator and pantry space for food storage and preparation.

Pantry items may  include.
1. Breakfast Cereals, Hot  and Cold
2. Granola, Energy Bars
3. Condiments
4. Basic Cleaning items
5. Laundry soap, dryer sheets
6. Coffee, Tea, Water provided.
7. Paper items, napkins, plates, cups
8. Peanut Butter and Jelly
9. First Aid Items
10.Personal toiletry items.

Food City is a local grocery store located on Highway 321 for grocery purchases.  We have an assigned area in our refrigerator and freezer for your use to be able to cook items to off set costs. Packing bag lunches may be an consideration if you want to bring lunch bags from home to use for all day work projects.

Food City Location:

1219 East Pkwy, Gatlinburg, TN
(865) 430-3116


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