As a host church for Lutheran Disaster Response and as a thank you to your group or family we want to accommodate you in the best way we can and be the very best  stewards of the resources our abundant God has given us to do so.   Our Savior Lutheran Church will rely on several sources for us to be able to host volunteer groups who will come to Gatlinburg and give FREE volunteer hours of service.

Groups who can afford to pay $25.00 per night per person, it is much appreciated if you can help us offset costs.  Our Savior Lutheran Church wishes to make this a very comfortable and productive stay with us in the Smoky Mountains.  We are working on grants and donations to help us cover the costs  of hosting volunteer groups who can come and work to bring Gatlinburg back stronger than ever before but of course this is an expense that was not recognized in our budget.   If your team can afford $25.00 per night per person, this allows us to help to cover our water and electric bills during your stay.
This payment arrangement should be arranged through Ellen Koestner :

Checks for your stay should be sent to:
Lutheran Services in Tennessee
PO Box 60597
Nashville TN 37206

Our Primary Sources of income for this ministry are:

donate-now-buttonDonations made to Lutheran Disaster Response EAR MARKED for Gatlinburg Fire Response is our best way to be able to have the funding needed to provide this service to volunteers.  The donation MUST BE EAR MARKED Gatlinburg Fires

GRANTS – Our Savior Lutheran Church will be researching potential grants that may help us provide accommodations to the volunteer teams who will come from around the Nation.  If your corporation or family has a grant available that we may apply for we appreciate you letting us know through our contact page on the website or by calling 865-436-5641.

Accommodations Donations made by Volunteer Groups.   In order for us to be able to pay for our water and utilities bills, along with providing basic items that will help to comfort you, keep you safe, keep you fed and warm we ask, if you can to give a gift of $25.00 per person per day/night of your stay.  This money is applied directly to utility bills and pantry stocking for our volunteers.  Once your volunteer time is completed through the Lutheran Disaster Response team and we are contacted to complete your reservation for accommodations in the church we will discuss this at this time.  $25 per person per night is a recommended donation.   We welcome your donation as God as given to us that we might give to one another.


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